Chevron Phillips NAO Turnaround Success Story

Chevron Phillips NAO Turnaround Success Story

Chevron NAO Turnaround Success Story


Schedule Quality Reviews (SQRs) Find Opportunities to Optimize Schedule

During one of several SQRs led by RLG, The TA team of Operations, Utilities, Engineering and Planning identified an opportunity to remove the Utilities Deareator, a major TA component, from the Critical Path. To achieve this, the team worked to:

  • Identify an alternative steam supply, which allowed utilities to be shut down 10-12 days early. [Fred Blow, Bryan Dumesnil]
  • Outfit the Deareator during the Pre-TA phase. Mobley Site Supervisor Jose Aguilar was the first to identify this as an opportunity and followed it through completion – way to go! [Jim Perry, Rodman Tarr, Tony Lopez, Jose Aguilar]
  • Prep connections and complete scaffolding during the Pre-TA phase [Jose Aguilar, Barry Bergeron]

The accomplishment not only removed this from Critical Path, but also allowed the team to refocus attention and resources on the next significant opportunity for cost reduction and schedule improvement.

Team for Chevron NAO Turnaround Successs Story

The TA Team (pictured below: Jim Perry, Barry Bergeron, Rodman Tarr, Tony Lopez) successfully allocated resources and manpower to outfit the new Z-102 (below) during Pre-TA. The Z-102 Mobley team (above) included a scaffolding crew led by Jaz Mendoza and Gustavo Vallejo, an insulators and metal man crew led by Genaro De Leon and Jose Jimenez, Safety Manager Tim Izaguirre and Site Manager Jose Aguilar.

TA Team Chevron NAO Turnaround Success Story

Duration Reduction Summary for Chevron NAO Turnaround Success Story