Stronger Together

MobleySafway Solutions – Stronger Than Ever

Stronger – that’s how MobleySafway Solutions is feeling these days as part of Safway Group. Mobley, a premier Gulf Coast coatings company was acquired by Safway over the past summer. But the acquisition wasn’t about one company taking over the other. Instead, the focus is on how much more they can do for customers together.

“As we started talking about joining together with Safway, it just made more and more sense,” said Chuck Mobley, president of Mobley. “By bringing our solid, high-performing companies together, we felt we could provide improved services and better value throughout the Gulf Coast region – and beyond.”

Delivering more together
One key way Mobley and Safway plan to deliver more value is through a broad, deep set of multiservice solutions designed to help customers operate more safely, productively and cost-efficiently. Together, the two companies serve as one trusted source for comprehensive access, insulation and coatings products, services, equipment and processes.

“Mobley’s motto has always been ‘One Company – One Source,’” Mobley explained, “but now we’re able to deliver better and improved access solutions that no one else in the industry can. Being part of Safway Group means we have more inventory, unique products, the best engineering and proven processes—like the Safway Tracking System—that all contribute to our shared philosophy of providing the safest, most efficient solutions at the lowest total installed cost. With Safway, we have greater access and engineering expertise on our bench.”

While customers now get more when working with Mobley and Safway together, they don’t have to give up the relationships they’ve established or the dedication to safety, quality and customer service they’ve come to expect from both companies. “Our management team is staying in place, and our same, trusted site managers are working out in the field every day, so our customers can continue to work with the people they know,” Mobley said. “Our business was built on personal relationships, and those relationships will always be at the center of our company and our success.”

Keeping safety at the center
Another thing that customers can still count on is Mobley’s emphasis on safety – a commitment the company shares with Safway. Both organizations put safety at the center of all they do, believing that an exceptional safety culture supports increased productivity and higher quality.

“There’s a lot of synergy in how Mobley and Safway approach safety – with training, programs and recognition that reinforce both high safety standards and a strong culture to support those standards,” Mobley explained. “But this is also an opportunity for our companies to share best practices and learn from each other.”

Over the years, Mobley’s safety-first focus has led to outstanding performance. In 2014, the company’s Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) over the course of 2,362,395 labor-hours was 0.00. Recent safety awards include:

  • Coating Society of the Houston Area Ernestine McDaniel Lifetime Achievement Award, 2015
  • Houston Business Roundtable Safety Excellence Silver Award, 2015
  • Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Diamond STEP (Safety Training and Evaluation Process) Award, 2015
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Status, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
  • LyondellBasell Goal Zero Bright Star Safety Performance Award, 2014
  • Construction User’s Roundtable – Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE) Safety Excellence Award, 2014
  • Construction User’s Roundtable – CISE Safety Excellence Award, 2013
  • National Insulation Association Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Gold Award, 2013
  • Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Diamond STEP (Safety Training and Evaluation Process) Award, 2013
  • International Safety Training Council (ISTC) Safety Achievement Award, 2013

“Our commitment to safety is number one,” Mobley says. “Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our employees.”

Combining resources for customer success
With exponential growth anticipated in the Gulf Coast Region over the next decade, the combined people, resources and inventory of Safway and Mobley will play a key role in helping customers realize the potential ahead.

“Anytime you take two of the best players in the industry and bring them together, you can expect improved performance on every level,” Mobley says. “We’re sharing knowledge and information to leverage the best coatings, scaffold and insulation expertise. As a Safway Group company, Mobley will be able to deliver improved and even more seamless multiservices to our customers.”

Mobley’s corporate headquarters will remain in La Porte, Texas, a suburb of Houston, and all of its current locations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas will stay open and fully operational. People and resources from several Safway locations, including Mobile, Alabama; Lake Charles and New Iberia, Louisiana; and Corpus Christi and Houston, Texas, will join the existing Mobley teams in the area to best serve industrial customers in the Gulf Region.

“We’re developing comprehensive plans for each market area, evaluating our business on a customer-by-customer basis and looking at personnel, resources and inventory,” Mobley explained. “In the meantime, each location will continue to conduct business as we always have – by safely delivering the highest quality access, insulation and coatings services to customers.”

Growing the team for the future
Moving ahead an important focus for both Mobley and Safway will be recruiting, training and retaining qualified craftspeople. “We look forward to being part of Safway’s new hiring and training center, just outside of Houston,” Mobley says. “Our plan is to create opportunities for craftspeople that offer a competitive wage, training, growth opportunities and a career path in our industry.”

Despite becoming part of the larger Safway organization, Mobley is committed to maintaining its family culture. Mutual respect, teamwork, personal commitment, participative problem-solving and responsible communication are key—as is openness to new opportunities.

“Every day, we show our employees that they truly are our most important asset, which we believe is essential to attracting and retaining the best team,” Mobley says. “We also know that to be successful, you have to be open to change. It’s part of life—and business. Bringing our companies together is the best solution for our customers and for our employees. We truly are all stronger together.”